It happened outside my door one Saturday afternoon

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She paused

for a moment taking

a drag on

her cigarette

until the ember touched her fingers

and she winced

dropping the lit

cigarette to the ground

where it engulfed

a soggy piece of paper on the sidewalk

she looked down for a moment

as if to say “my bad”

but words were spoken

and she moved quickly to the doorway

the doorman

paused during the cigarette

now springing into motion

throwing the door to the wind


without a nod

she went inside

and the doorman

back to his quiet repose

standing asleep by the curb…


The Kindle has entered the building (Windows Phone 7 review) (my amazon author’s page)

The new kindle application just hit the Windows Phone 7 market place which makes me happy. I’ve already installed it, and started downloading the two books I am reading right now. Really a simple and easy process and the application looks and feels like a Windows Phone 7 application. Good job Amazon!

So without further ado:

Best Things about Windows Phone 7 after two months:

  • Kindle Application (it is very nice)
  • Netflix
  • T-Mobile TV
  • Marketplace
  • Decibel Meter (ever wonder how loud it really is someplace?)
  • Xbox Live Integration
  • Skydrive integration (truly a cloud connection)
  • Facebook integration
  • Windows Live Integration

Marketplace hit 5000 applications sometime last week – very cool. Being able to play games and still use my gamer profile – awesome. Being able to protect my Avatar from my kids – priceless!

Missing Applications:

  • Turn by Turn other than Telenav (which is expensive)
  • No OCS or Lync client yet

Things are improving on a daily basis. There are new applications and new opportunities every day. I find myself checking the Windows Phone 7 marketplace more often than I used to check the ITunes application library so that has to say something. Additionally the phone is great – I haven’t lost a call yet. If only Tmobile’s billing was working everything would be perfect.


Wow–revenge of jet lag (my amazon author’s page)

Wow – the new Windows Phone  7 wordpress application was released (and its free). What a great blog management tool it is. I played with it for awhile this am. Now if it could only manage my brain in the morning. Jet lag hit me last night. My daughter got home from work at 11:30 pm. She woke me up (I asked her to, doing the good dad thing) and I couldn’t get back to sleep. So I stared at the ceiling from 1 am to 5 am and finally got up. Which should make the 4 extra hours I spent on this blog well worth it for my readers. Except all I can think about now is the sleep I lost.

The other side of losing 5 hours of sleep is today is going to creep along. I hate that.

Random Windows Phone 7 Thoughts

  1. I freaking love the wordpress application! It is actually better than the one on the ITunes store
  2. Forgot to charge my phone yesterday – and I still had battery this morning. I can’t remember the last time I had a windows mobile phone that lasted a whole day (24 hours) on a single charge
  3. The application library continues to grow!
  4. I am hooked on Yomomedia. I loved it as a windows mobile application, they really did a good job improving it for Windows Phone 7
  5. You can now sign up to be notified when the kindle application is available (finally!)
  6. You can sync your phone and your Zune at the same time which is very cool! I found out by accident yesterday, but both synced everything!!!!
  7. Netflix is amazing…kudo’s!
  8. My 12 year old twins have picked up the phones and now can’t be separated from them!


Windows Phone 7 after 3 weeks (review) (my amazon author’s page)

Early morning today (wife was off on a trip) and had to get her to the airport by 5:45 am. Amazing but it always causes me to start the day way to early and of course you can never end the day early no matter how early you start!


Big birthday coming in 11 days.


Shameless HD7 Review

I’ve had my Windows Phone 7 device now for about three weeks. So far its been a great experience other than two small issues and one bigger issue

  • no good turn by turn guidance program
  • no Hulu Plus
  • (No audible or Kindle reader yet either) I would love the on the fly Kindler read which I know is coming, eventually

Usability is high and being able to stream audio from my Zune Pass is frankly amazing. I am also loving the connection to XBox Live. My kids have their own Xbox but they keep changing the avatar on mine. Now I can change it back at will without being home (which is when they normally change it when I am not home).

  • Applications are growing everyday which is nice.
  • I love the integration with the Zune software – I suspect that was killer with the IPhone and ITunes, but I have ITunes and I have Zune and I find the Zune Metaphor easier to understand.
  • Application updates are so much easier than the ITunes way it is amazing.
  • The screen on the HD7 makes me drool
  • My kids love streaming NetFlix instant watch movies to their phones.


All up very happy with Windows Phone 7. My kudo’s to the development team!!!!!



1 year in the sun with a Kindle

I have now owned a kindle device for more than a year. My kids are using my old kindle – a great recycling project. We’ve not bought as physical books and slowly but surely we are converting to digital ink. There are a number of reasons why of course these devices are exceptional but from an Andersen perspective here they are:

  • small and light enough for 12 year olds to easily hold them
  • strong enough to survive 12 year old boys
  • enough memory to keep your current books and a few additional books (like 8 or 9 hundred additional books)
  • you can also add Audible books to your kindle
  • internet browser (very basic)
  • also reads PDF and other files.

You can easily read the device in the sunlight which is nice on cool fall and warm summer days. Fits in your hands easily (I have the 3g smaller version and the DX). My kids love the DX because it is the same size as their text books. It allows you to have a library with you where ever you go – which is a great way to entertain your kids.

The reading experience is truly the value proposition however. From the PC, to the Ipod to the Kindle itself, you can read a book on any platform and the book will always be where you left it when you get to the next platform. Unlike the many times I have laid a book on my bedside table, only to find it three days later put back in the bookshelf with my page lost forever.

Kudo’s to Amazon for this great product.