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A path through the forest. The end to a long walk. I’ve been walking 3-4 times per week for nearly 6 years now. It is frankly something that relaxes me and gives me time to think. My best thoughts come on those walks. I didn’t get to walk yesterday and probably won’t today either. The issue now is that its dark outside when I leave in the morning and dark when I come home.

I got a really sad email from an old friend yesterday. It made me sad to read the email. He was, as Hamlet said a man of infinite mirth. And actually at sportsmind he nearly did bear me upon his back. He is and always will be someone I respect and admire. The email made me step back from my little blog of the other day a little and gain some perspective. When those around you aren’t treated in a way that is fair you have to speak out. You have to (as my favorite poet and poem reads) “rage against the passing of the light.”  I heard you pal.  those who do not read history books are doomed to repeat history over and over. (Those who replace their history with new histories, are doomed to repeat history as well.)

Last night Luke and I ran to the mall to pick something up. I remembered as we walked into the door that I hate being in malls this time of year. It happens to me once a year, I forget and barge into a mall scenario. Then it doesn’t happen again for a year or so. Ergo, another year mall free for me!


Saturday, in the park (no wait can’t its RAINING)




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Did the weather not read my blog yesterday? According to the rain gauge (connected to my indoor weather station – I’ve learned a lot in the old days the weather station was in a box outside) there was 1.6 inches of rain yesterday around my house. My house sits at the bottom of a hill and most of the neighborhood drains into my backyard.  About 10 years ago we added a drain in our backyard to at least control the water flow. Two years ago we added a stone drain field around the drain to reduce the clogging affect of large spring rains. The system held (and has held for two years now) but there is still a lot of water draining into that drain.

I am going with a  good news, bad news scenario there. It could be worse (flooded basement etc). It could be better (sunshine would be nice).

I am replacing my all-in-one printer/fax with a new one this week. The old one (hp) has that new HP expiring ink and it isn’t something I want to keep replacing. Plus the HP stuff is really expensive to replace. What I need is a very compact printer to save some space on my desk. I have other printers that do a better printing job, I just need something that is easy to leverage/use. I am considering the Lexmark, but as always anything IBM makes me nervous. Lexmark like Lenovo isn’t part of IBM anymore, but they were and anything IBM makes me nervous.

Had to take the boys to the eye doctor this am – again one has broken glasses so it was off to the appt. Luckily we had a good time, but it does get kinda tiring when you have to do that all the time.

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What instrument does the Penguin play?




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I watch the penguins play

the grainy video seems cold and distant

yet the penguins seem almost to frolic

on my desk

making me smile

they do loop-de-loops

in the water

and struggle walking on the ice,

as I do

the ice beneath seeming to move

with ever step

while my foot in the air

plunges downward

to an ever changing venue

unlike the penguins

I trip and fall

prolong in the snow


look at me laughing

pointing their

handless flippers

waving them in the air

“look at the fool, look at the fool” they squeal in penguin

a language

as hard to learn

as it is to comprehend

but I can read the flapping flippers

the beaks in the ever so tiny smile

as I lay in the snow

watching the penguins play…



Why has eBay begun the long descent into poor service and too many fees?




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What does honesty mean?

Recently I’ve noticed a change in the behavior of people in particular in regards to eBay. eBay itself has changed a lot lately – going from an organization that was focused on helping people clean out their closest to a highly fee based profit center that lives in some sort of consumer protection process.

  • The advertisement on eBay you bid on, is what the seller is selling. If it is not what you want, don’t bid on it.
  • The saying (which eBay has forgotten is caveat emptor, or let the buyer be ware. See above.
  • The fees on eBay get worse every year. What am I actually paying for as a seller, web site space?
  • Buyers have changed a lot, they are less likely to read the ad (see first bullet) and more likely to complain.
  • Buyer don’t leave feedback anymore. I’ve left feedback on 100% of the things I’ve purchased on eBay. Although I have to say that other than selling items online, I don’t use eBay as much anymore due to the issues.

It really makes me sad. I’ve been selling stuff online for many years (started out in the old AOL forums more than 15 years ago, moved to Yahoo and now Ebay). I’ve had six customers complain, ever. I’ve worked to rectify those situations as quickly and as effectively as possible. I just think that honesty, customer service and loyalty are all terms that are assailed now.

I will probably have to cancel my eBay account soon. The frustration is spilling over into my blog.



The cage within my smile




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I live beneath

the light of a nuanced star


and quiet

I wonder amidst the ruins

and wonder

what mighty king fell?

as Shelley said

bound by sand to a base of clay

the might fall.

the nuanced light

slips under the door

and sliding around me,

slowly pulls me outside

asked not

but offered

a glass of cherry red wine

made from grapes

nuanced grapes perhaps

the glass offered

I withdraw my hand

but the glass is forced

“drink” a voice disembodied says


sipping I find it

not to be wine

but Dr. Pepper

and cold it flows around me

filling me with nuanced sunlight

and quiet whispers


I feel the sand beneath my feet

I feel the heat within the sand

I feel the un upon my face

but the cage remains.



I suspect now, it represents the past tense of communicate




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Do you hear me?

My voice small pitched against

a giant speaker spewing out today’s music

todays’ groove

can you hear me?

The light flickers and the shadows grow

filling the room

flowing under the door

filling the world around them

can you hear me?

It is

it was

my tongue stumbles over speed bumps

and forgets right turns

can you make it home turning

only left I ask…

can you hear me?

stumbling to the door

moving the now think shadows

substantial as they were real now

moving them

parting them like some amorphous mass


and soft

Can you hear me?

I push the shadows away

but I can no longer see the speakers

I can hear the sounds

but they are mostly footsteps

fading away…



In the quiet of a railway station




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What was it you said?

Once in the quiet,

when the lights so dim

spread away from us

like pools of water

we laughed

the ripples spreading

but the quiet overwhelmed us

drove us from the trees to the water

and we swam for our lives

the water dark

and cold

surrounding us with piecing cold


you spoke

before you

slipped away

you spoke

and I could not hear

I could not respond

watching the moon rise

and the sun fall

hearing the quiet fill

my ears


hearing nothing

I struggle for a moment

then I too let go

I too

slip away.