Lost One Pop Top Necklace




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The sign was

hand lettered

scrawled in crayon

with the lettering of a small child



the words ending where the next begins

red crayon

on cardboard

taped to the side of the bridge


the first word as though

a drawing sign

a moment in time

“one pop top necklace

if found

please return”

but no address

no name

no cellular number


the crayon scrawl


on the concrete of a bridge

in a corner where no one could see

from the road

unless they stopped

looking for a path

and a missing pop top necklace.


Fun Friday Freak-out (needed an F rather a W)




My Amazon author page!!!!

Lots of cools things:

Random Thoughts

  1. Knight and Day looks like it was a really fun movie to make
  2. Why do stunts in movies look so real, but then on Mythbusters they look so silly?
  3. Why is Netflix shipping 2 to 3 times faster than Gamefly? They are shipping the exact same thing and Gamefly costs a lot more per month for less service…
  4. Why are online games so addictive?
  5. Nearing post number 800 on this blog – do you get an 800 number for your blog with number 800?
  6. Why covered bridges? Why not covered roads and open bridges? Would you hide in a bridge during a terrible storm? Where does all that water go? into the river…where is the bridge? over the river…
  7. Micro, mini why can’t we all get along in the USB world?
  8. The fan noise that haunted me for a month is back – I’ve replaced the fan three times so I suspect I have a wire I don’t see pushing the fan off center. Or maybe I am off center so when I install the fan it is already off center.
  9. Engine, Engine number 9 winding its way through my blog…
  10. Saw something on TV last night that made me laugh, US Mail versus SMS. How do you SMS a fruitcake? Why does communication produce such an age divide and “culture” divide rather than use the tool you are most comfortable with…when did communication become about “me” rather than “us?”


It’s a fun Friday wrap-up – haven’t done one of those in a long time.

The Head of Alfredo Gumar




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I am


The light ahead

the snow shining

makes the light brighter

it seems


drawing closer

but far away

just out of reach

a dancing orb of denial

I can touch it

I can hold it


grabbing it

swallowing it


oral fixation

it slides into me

becomes part of me

light oozing from my pores

a human flashlight

an orb of denial

I shout “no”

to all those who are near



I am denial

I am the orb


in anger

the light flows out of me

to another

and I am another pool

another mystery


like the rest…