When Scott met Barbara




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Does the path of change lead through your own heart? 22 years ago today was the first blind (and by the way only) blind date of my life. My best friend set me up, although at the time he actually made me think it wasn’t a setup with a young lady. I was making Chocolate Chip cookies for my students (they had won a prize and I promised them home made Chocolate Chip cookies as the reward).

I was also making potato soup at the same time. Its one of my personal favorite dishes and I was happily cooking along. The young lady in question arrived early and my best friend/roommate well he didn’t show up. In fact he wasn’t going to show but that occurs later in the evening. I really liked this young lady, we had met a number of times over the years (if you’ve ever seen the movies When Harry met Sally what comes next is a scene borrowed from the movie).

The first time we met my future wife was wearing a bunny suit on April fools day 1975. I was a freshman and she was a senior in high school at the time. I asked her if she had the time. She glared at me and walked away. Many years later another friend of mine said he knew this waitress at the Trojan Horse restaurant (best Greek Food in Bloomington Indiana) that he thought I would like. He introduced us one day at the restaurant but she was busy and I was well, not aware. The gap between the first chance meeting and the second planned meeting was 5 years. The gap between our second less than spectacular meeting and our next meeting was 10 years. We, my best friend and I, used to have a group of folks that would go out dancing on Saturday nights. He had dated one of the members of the group and I had dated another, which kind of ruined the original group. I had met a girl a couple of weeks before, we had gone out a couple of times but things weren’t going that well. So we invited my then girlfriend and a couple of other folks to join us at J. Arthurs restaurant and bar for dancing on the Saturday that passed 3 days ago (and 22 years before). The young lady that was to be my wife was in that group of people that joined us.

My girlfriend at the time and I broke up the next day. She wasn’t looking for a relationship (she had been burned by her crumbled marriage) and I understood. We parted and remained friends.

Tuesday night my roommate tells me that he has invited someone over for dinner. He had to work at the YMCA and would be a little late but was that ok? I frantically cleaned our house (which even cleaned was never clean) and decided to make my potato soup. It had been perfected over the years of my making it.

The young lady arrived and we talked while I was cooking. We shared stories, laughed and in the end walked out of my apartment in love. We have been together ever since. I won’t bore you with the details of the conversation or the things we said. Those are the treasured moments of 22 years ago that we share with each other. It is simply the story of our love.

We saw each other four times, the fourth time we fell in love.


On this rainy Monday–a little cheer!




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All my rowdy friends…

In college parties started on Friday afternoon and lasted until Sunday. When I got out of college parties start on Saturday afternoon and lasted until Sunday morning. Now parties are taking 4 kids to a restaurant for their birthday. It starts around 5 pm and is hopefully over by 8, because at 9:30 pm I am ready for bed. My how the aging process impacts our party animal habits.

My beautiful wife

My wife is a wonderful person. I cherish her and enjoy having her in my life.

To my beautiful daughter

Every father dreads when his daughter starts dating. But each person you have picked either helped you, or you helped. You are an amazing person and I am proud of you.

To my sons

Every parents longs to have kids as good as you guys are. You are both wonderful people and I am extremely proud of you.


The legacy we leave people is the love we leave behind. Even when we die, the love we left in the world continues to grow and expand outward. Love never dies. It is the plant in your window that you cannot kill. It is the quiet moment when you hold a memento of that person and remember a time you laughed. Love is the reason for being.


To all my friends

From you I have gotten much. I have learned and grown as a person. Your friendship means the world to me.



Did you hear the smartest man in the room?




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Around you the noise buzzes

but you are right


oozes around you

as you approach

the eyes turned

your opinion




the pronouncement quiet

but all hear

all know

for you are right

the statue,

buried as in Shelley

the only remains of an empire

What was

will never be again

but they fear

the wrath

like Zeus’ fire bolts launched from on high 

always right

Do you see?

The whispers begin to spread

your soapbox grows out of the floor

and rising towards heaven

you ascend

you are right.

Eyes watch you

eyes see you

but do you hear?

Your ears closed

with sand

your rise to heaven begun

you are right

as sand falls from your ears and you wonder

was there something


you did not hear?


On this, a day of happiness (but not for all)




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Merry Christmas to All and to all, well greetings of the seasons (best to you and yours!)

We watched “It’s a wonderful life” which is by far my favorite Christmas movie. I’ve watched it every year for the past 30 years. The movie comprises a series of deep thoughts I have around Christmas.

  1. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, only that good comes from the human heart. There is a never-ending supply of misery in the universe but good is there if we let it in the door.
  2. Beauty isn’t in color
  3. Its really hard to share a phone
  4. Love sees only what is possible (never what has failed before)
  5. George Bailey is everyman (or everywoman to be non-sexist)
  6. No heart beats truer than a person doing the right thing.

Christmas is the joy of sharing love with those around you. It is the moment we can join the greater good around us. It doesn’t matter what god you hold most dear (or for that matter if you hold no god dear) it is about the gift of the season. To share the goodness that is in all of us. That we as humans can reach out to another being and touch that being filling them with joy and happiness.

Regardless of the holiday or the religion supporting it, happy holidays.

My best to you and yours.



Garage cleaning day so its blog cleaning day as well



Nearing 1500 blog posts. Smile

Three books from my blog Smile

An Architecture Home Companion (available on the Kindle)

Transitional Services (nearing publication)

Syncverse (in process)

The ghost of Sandler Boggs has returned – I don’t know about the rest of you but I haven’t seen that guy in nearly 30 years.

Starting to clean out my office (a daunting task) and have tons of stuff on eBay if you are interested in participating in the virtual garage sale!

More than 2700 downloads of my external podcast (http://docandersen.podbean.com) with two poetry readings and a Fred and Ed story added this month.

Kinect comes out this Thursday and I am super excited. My kids are more excited but that is to be expected!

Fable III is out – all three kids love that series for some strange reason (although the boys like Halo Reach more right now).

Windows Phone 7 is but a week away and frankly that is the most exciting phone launch yet (for me). That is a game changer!!!!!

Anyway – I need to head up to the garage and start cleaning.





The sound of thunder



The last known painting of Skyler blue

and the rain falls around me

each drop

revealing an image of something

that was

or perhaps

something that will be

the ghost of Christmas yet to be

haunting me like Dickens laughing

The image you leave

changes with each drop

washing away time with the water

washing away each indeterminable tiny crack

until the sidewalk is awash

and yet I run

running faster and faster

trying to dodge the drops now

trying not be be the lost child

I am confused.

I am lost.

but you can’t hear me

through the thunder

as it rolls across the ground like

huge marbles or quarters

thrown from high above

what is the source of the river?

what is the source of the flood?

the drops striking me


the quiet slowly captures me

I am lost.

The ghost of some Christmas now long past

whispers in my ear

“This won’t hurt a bit.”