Lies my resume told…

My Amazon author page!!!!

I was cruising on Linkedin yesterday. Don’t ask me why, I had a few minutes at lunch and thought I would check in on my professional peeps. In the past five or six years there have been a number of high profile resume “liars” that got exposed. Most were engaged in college athletics becoming head coaches at major universities but lying on their resume lost them the job.

So again not sure why I looked at a couple of resumes of some people I know. I found lots and lots of “inaccuracies” included in their profiles. I wondered why? Not that I am the most honest person on earth, but my Linkedin profile, which represents me to the world is honest. There are no extra’s there. If you didn’t actually do it, don’t list it.

I have too much crap to sync today. It seems like #updatesaturday again. I was going to install a new hard drive in my home server, but now I have to do all these updates so I guess that gets put off again perhaps tomorrow will be #installsunday.

Two things that I hate

  • walking in the rain when it is freezing
  • wind

I love walking outdoors and I wear protective gear so I don’t get cold. But I cannot for the life of me deal with pelting rain that is freezing cold. It doesn’t make me cold just makes me uncomfortable.

Still I would rather walk outdoors and be uncomfortable than walk indoors on the treadmill.


random Tuesday rumblings…

My Amazon author page!!!!

A path through the forest. The end to a long walk. I’ve been walking 3-4 times per week for nearly 6 years now. It is frankly something that relaxes me and gives me time to think. My best thoughts come on those walks. I didn’t get to walk yesterday and probably won’t today either. The issue now is that its dark outside when I leave in the morning and dark when I come home.

I got a really sad email from an old friend yesterday. It made me sad to read the email. He was, as Hamlet said a man of infinite mirth. And actually at sportsmind he nearly did bear me upon his back. He is and always will be someone I respect and admire. The email made me step back from my little blog of the other day a little and gain some perspective. When those around you aren’t treated in a way that is fair you have to speak out. You have to (as my favorite poet and poem reads) “rage against the passing of the light.”  I heard you pal.  those who do not read history books are doomed to repeat history over and over. (Those who replace their history with new histories, are doomed to repeat history as well.)

Last night Luke and I ran to the mall to pick something up. I remembered as we walked into the door that I hate being in malls this time of year. It happens to me once a year, I forget and barge into a mall scenario. Then it doesn’t happen again for a year or so. Ergo, another year mall free for me!


Follow ups and follow ons…

My Amazon author page!!!!

I wrote a blog last week about why I left Microsoft. The number of emails generated by that (but only one comment – people don’t want to be seen as agreeing or disagreeing around MS in public). It was a flurry of emails – the sad thing 21 emails in total – more than 70% (16) agreed with me that it was a sad situation. 5 didn’t agree with my rationale – telling me I should have stayed and fought it out.

Interesting the way people thing…

Tax season is upon us. I installed the initial software and got ready for next years taxes. It is always a long and frustrating process when you sit down to do taxes. I have always started the day after thanksgiving, well at least since the days of TaxCut on the Macintosh. I realized that I’ve been doing taxes on the computer for more than 20 years. I don’t recall the last time I did them by hand.

I’ve been audited three times, once was my fault, the other two were simple calculation errors. Always check your math when doing your taxes. The problem is you stare at something long enough eventually it begins to look like it makes sense.

The great phone shoot out begins tomorrow. So far the blackberry has dropped off the list (its just not powerful enough to handle anything beyond email.