Struggling to climb

The gear weighs more

than the heart it is encompassing

climbing the mountain

no longer sure it is my mountain


blinded by the snow

and ice


one foot in front of the other

the weight of the gear pulling

me backward

the wind pushing me backward

trying to recall

why am I struggling forward?

This is my mountain

but the footsteps

no longer fit the path that is there

can I make it

weight of what was pulling me back

the snow pushing me back

things not what they once were

are bound to what they are

can I climb this mountain?



Do you see the mountain range

Each of us sees a mountain range

from that range

we choose a mountain to climb

do you see your mountain?

Pitons in hand as you launch towards the peak

a flag clutched in your hand

the mountain your goal

do you see your mountain

or the range of mountains

all the mountains

never seeing your own

you strive to climb mountain after mountain

until exhausted you lie

by the side of the road


and yet



devoid of a mountain

Do you see the mountain range?

Or do you see your mountain?