Wander project Greenwood IN

Today we are wandering back to Greenwood IN. In particular an afternoon at the pool. I suspect we had many of those over the years. Well, it is more than suspect. I know we had many of those. At the time the pool was the center of most weekend afternoons. The only time the pool cover closed during the summer was when the thunderstorms that Indiana is famous for rolled across our neighborhood. Even then the kids would peer at the sky and pool from time to time.

“Can we swim now?”

My wife found swimming suits for the twins. The swimming suits did two things, the most important being always keeping their heads above water. We had a neighbor come in and give the twins and my daughter swimming lessons in the pool. But as parents, we felt safer with the twins in the suits. There were a few neighborhood kids we had to ban from the pool as well. Those kids were not willing to follow the rules of the pool.

Over the years we tried some different adult seating arrangements. My favorite was the first, (the Hot Tub). When we first opened the pool for the very first time, the Hot Tub was right next to it. The Hot Tub, at least for the first summer was supposed to be Adult only. That didn’t last very long, and the Hot Tub became part of the pool. The twins would hot in the hot tub, get hot, and hop in the pool to cool off. Not sure where in that reality we lost control. Actually, I wonder if we ever really had control!


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Wander project back on the water

The family history project back to boating! I would spend every minute I could on the water. I probably should have joined the merchant marine, or the navy had I thought about it. I love being on the water. Perhaps, if it were my job, I might not love it as much! I still have the publishing problem for pictures on the site I use, so instead please find the link to the images on Facebook. The last few pictures are of our car, not our boat.

Sometimes when we wander to the boat, we stop by the Brewster Ice Cream shop. They make the best-salted Caramel milkshake ever. That probably adds to the relaxation of going to the boat even more! One of the things we enjoy is shoving out into the bay! This is the year we are spending more nights on the boat. The kids are old enough that they no longer need direct supervision (or maybe they need more I don’t know).

Image may contain: sky, ocean, outdoor and water

It is also the year we are going to the Baltimore Festival of lights. It is something we’ve talked about doing for a couple of years but never really did it. It is this coming Saturday, and we are taking a Baltimore inner harbor cruise as part of that evening event! The inner harbor of Baltimore is where the pleasure craft moor. The outer harbor is filled with huge container ships and other shipping vessels. Overlooking the inner harbor is the fort, famous as the location where Francis Scott Key, wrote the US Anthem (The Star Bangled Banner)!


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Wander bugs in platforms and water!

I was bitten by the publishing bug on Virily for a few days. I don’t know if it is me personally, the platform itself or if I am in posting jail. Either way for the past two days I have been writing offline posts. I suspect I may have to find a new posting site this weekend. I love being able to post pictures as part of the family history project on Virily, but the frustrations of the site have become more than I was hoping for. You can find the actual pictures for below here.

Today some simple images of the water, water calms me down. Posting or blogging every day also is important to me. I maintain my WordPress blog as a day old archive (what I posted yesterday on other sites). I guess over the years I have become somewhat rigid in my daily routine. It is time to shake things up a bit. I spend a lot of time focusing on the art of the possible and considering things that we can do. I need to make sure I can do the things I like to do!

What one of the interesting things each spring as the world begins to bloom is the reality of the ground beneath us. Frozen solid sometimes, or partially or in our case muddy and nasty, the ground begins to awaken as well. Weeds we thought we had eradicated remain around. It is the time of mowing. Mowing, unlike snow shoveling, isn’t a once in a while thing. Mowing happens each and every weekend in the spring, summer and late into the fall.

Welcome to mowing season, I hope you are not allergic!


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wander project the why of the family history project

I haven’t shared the full family history project concept in a while, so today you get the whole story. I published an explanation of what I did a couple of days ago. First off, all of us have archives of pictures. If you look at the boxes, albums, and files, you probably have many more pictures than you realize. Personally, I converted to digital pictures around 1999. My wife converted around 2006. It took me a few years to convince her that she should give up her point and shoot but limited to 36 picture camera. She now uses the digital camera exclusively, but it took me seven years from the time I started to when she finally started using a digital camera only. It took me less time to convince my father, but by the time I convinced my dad to switch to digital, he already had more than 50 years of pictures.

(Please note, I was unable to post the images to Virily directly, the link above takes you to a Facebook link with some family history pictures!)

Part of what mattered to me was the old pictures. When I was little, my sister and I would, after rushing for my Grandfather’s hats (the captain’s hat was the treasured cap) and fishing, we would sit in the living room of my grandparent’s house and look at the old family pictures. (most of those sadly now lost). When my grandfather passed away, he left me his 1948 Kodak Projector and all the film he had taken from 1948 to around 1974. I had those films converted into digital video files a couple of years ago. When my father died, he left me all the slides he had taken. My father loved photography and took slides starting in roughly 1958 until he converted to digital around 2004. He also left 4000 or so digital images, but those were a simple copy and paste. The slides would require scanning. 30,000 slides tucked into a box that my father and his father (my grandfathers) had taken over the course of more than 50 years. So many of the slides had never been seen by anyone other than my grandfather and my father.

My mother and my sisters also let me have to scan, all the print pictures my parents had collected over the years. That gives us images all the way back to the 1950’s. we lost the pictures that my sister and I used to thumb through, they were all scanned but the computer that had them, died. The memories that these pictures have for me is incredible. Based on that I began sharing the pictures with other people. First on a site called Niume and nowhere on Virily. Each picture regardless of how similar it is to another one, is important. Each was taken with the intent of being shared. The family history project is the sharing. The stories are unique. I remember them, share them and cherish not only the pictures but the memories that go with them. Someday, my children will be able to look back and see all the moments that were captured. That is goal of the Family History project. It is not art in the sense that all the images are grand and wonderful it is just recollections of images that once were.


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Wander project Chicago!

There was a five-year stretch when we were members of the Indianapolis Children’s Museum, so my wife, daughter and the twins went at least once a month or more. We would wander to the Chicago Children’s museum roughly once or twice a year. When the kids were a little older, they spent spring break with me in Columbus Ohio. The twins were old enough that they were able to be ok without mom (Mom was finishing her Masters and needed study time) and their sister, my daughter was old enough to drive.

So the kids went off to the Columbus Ohio zoo and the COSI museum (science and industry). They spent the day there while I worked. We had a blast, plus they got out of Greenwood on their spring break. Funny thing is now that I remember that trip, it snowed in Columbus Ohio the end of March. It was snowing the day the kids when to the Zoo. They were outdoors and froze the entire day. Maybe I had it better, indoors where it was warm.

The one thing the Chicago Children’s museum had that the Indianapolis Children’s museum doesn’t is a bunch of great restaurants right around the facility. The Indianapolis Children’s museum is located on the north side of downtown Indy, and the only place to the ear is the museum cafeteria (which frankly isn’t good). At the Chicago Children’s museum you were a short walk (inside0 to four or five fun restaurants and a slightly longer walk outside to a huge number of great restaurants!


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Wander Project Chicago!

Downtown Chicago this is trip where all he granddaughters went to the America Girl store. Plus we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn downtown Chicago. Just off of Ontario Street, just a little bit up the road from the Chicago beef restaurant that I loved. Chicago Italian beef is a mix of beef, onions, hot peppers and a jus. Placed in a freshly made bun. The first five or six bites are not as good as the last bites. By the last bites, the bread is completely soaked in au jus.

We didn’t have Italian beef that trip (it was the entire family). Honestly, I had them every time I was in Chicago, and I was in Chicago for most of the year before this trip and the two years after this trip. A lot of Italian Beef was consumed.  Over the years I also learned where all the Portillo’s near where my customers were. Portillo’s was the name of the Chicago Italian Beef reactant. I was also a huge fan of Giordano’s Chicago style Pizza. Giordano’s is stuffed pizza, and one piece is enough to put you into a food coma for many hours!

Like I said I spent a lot of meals in Chicago over the years. Portillo’s and Giordano’s were a way to get good food, hang out and keep the overall costs low. When you are eating out three meals a day, it can get pretty expensive. The images from the pool are why I have waterproof cameras. My daughter loves to take underwater and crazy water based pictures. That means we have to have at least one waterproof camera available for all trips!

Wander project Miami (and a detour)…

I was born near Chicago Illinois as was my mother. My father was born in the middle of Wisconsin. Funny, mom and dad started out in Michigan (dad was finishing his Masters) then moved to Chicago and finally moved to Southern Indiana. My wife was born in southern Indiana; our kids were born near Cincinnati Ohio. Funny how those things happen as you wander the life you live. I spent many months in Downtown Chicago, doing some customer engagements.

The images shared today are from our hotel room in Miami right before we embarked on our second cruise. We enjoyed the Disney Cruise experience, and the next summer we thought our vacation should be another cruise. I would say we picked the wrong cruise line, the ship and people were more focused on dating than on relaxing and having family fun. There were a few families on the ship, and we met some very nice people.

But for the most part, it appeared to be more of a singles cruise. The pool was nice, and overall the ship was well maintained. I have to say the food was as good as the Disney Cruise line was, and they had a pizza joint on the ship that made goat cheese pizza. There were some other specialty pizza’s you could get by the slice. We wandered by the pizza place a few times, based on the reality of twins and their love of pizza!


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