What was revealed?




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“I got shocked”

her voice a reaction to the light switch

shocking her with visions

of what once had been

of course could never be again

but once was

“shocked” her voice echoing

in the room

reaching for the light switch

the man stretched out his hand

as comfort



it was rejected

“shocked” the reply

through the handkerchief clutched

to the now covered face

he wondered not aloud

what was revealed?

The light swallowed the words

as they sought egress from the room

and he sat in the overstuffed chair


for a moment only

what over-stuffing meant

as his scotch tickled the ICE in the glass

and slid brown into

his now smiling face.
What was revealed?

he wondered, then shook the glass gently

the ICE tinkling

the scotch dancing

his eyes watching

the handkerchief

wondering if it could reveal

what was shocking.


People are motivated by their needs




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Why is that such a hard concept for people to get?

My Favorite online games right now

  • Farmville
  • CityVille

I used to love Mafia Wars but that isn’t any fun anymore. It is sad that the game is all about domination now. I haven’t really enjoyed playing the game for more than a month. I log in and I am dead, I level up and a die within 30 seconds. It really isn’t any fun to play the game anymore. The other two are just so much more about helping other people that they are fun. Oh well. Its sad really that these games allow for people to level up quickly by not following the rules (using an automated script etc.) that in the end force those of us who actually enjoyed playing to quit. There may be an ethics issue in there somewhere.


Windows Phone 7

  • I binged the restaurant last night – that was nice. Miss the turn by turn, but the voice command was very nice
  • The Tellme stuff is amazing I love the voice recognition. Now if only I didn’t have a thick accent Winking smile
  • Touch sensitivity is much nicer than with WM 6.5
  • GPS works fairly well so far other than no turn by turn applications – seems to get its bearings quickly – can’t wait to test it with a real application
  • Would love to see a Celio Redfly driver for the HD7 soon
  • keeping the pressure on (want a Kindle Application and Hulu Plus)!!!!!

Overall I am still very happy with the phone. There are a number of interesting and cool applications that continue to help me so I am happy. I heard there are more than 4,000 applications on the marketplace already which is a fantastic debut (30 days old) and really exciting.