Friday Ramblings

My Amazon author page!!!!

So today I am driving a loaner car. The only issue I have with it? It has the dealers logo and advertising all over it. I guess its what you get for free.  It also doesn’t have Sirius/XM radio but I can live without that addition for a couple of days.

Got to drive across Maryland yesterday which was interesting. I suspect there is much yet to discover here.

Tonight is assemble the home theatre night. I think I have everything I need but I am not 100% sure of that. We shall find out as we begin the final stages tonight.

As we approach the 10th anniversary of 9/11 my heart goes out to all who lost someone that day. I’ve met so many people in the past ten years who were directly impacted by that event. I was at the site on 9/11/2006 and the site was haunting and sad. In times of great sadness there isn’t much you can do except help those who fell and those left behind.



A few meanderings this morning…

My Amazon author page!!!!

Wow – we worked pretty hard over the three day weekend. I am down to one set of missing things (of course they are critical to setting up the home theatre). We have found everything else and things are moving forward!

Went to see the movie “The Help” yesterday. I found myself crying about half way through. It was such a beautiful and well done movie.

Back to the work grind. Although I do have 1/4 of my office setup so I can work. Now I just need to get the last couple of items off my table so I can setup the last two printers. Then it is off to the races.

The marketing team for my book contacted me over the weekend. That was an exciting email. It seems funny to me now, but the dream of a paper edition of a book of mine was a childhood dream. I’ve wanted to be an author since I was really about 12 years old. With three books published (An Architecture Home Companion, There are days you want to go home and now Transitional Services) I have fulfilled that dream. Now its time to get the book moving forward!

Closing in on 2000 blog posts (then we switch to chasing 1000 on my technical blog).