Forever the cracking drywall

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Can you hear me?

In the darkness all seems gray

I see the white wall

whitewashed wall?

what stain does it cover?

What stain does the white hide?

you cannot see in the darkness

your ears cupped like

tin cans




the sound

but nothing returns

what does the white cover?

my eyes?

my heart?

my tears?

I cannot tell any longer

what once was white

what once was covered with white

what is now white

all is becoming a shadow

and I am lost.




The fighter stumbles, then falls

Each blow

like hail

in a thunderstorm

tearing through the sky

to land






tears flowing

the hardened fighter cries

“is this my destiny”

he screams to the audience

but they

seek blood

chanting they do not hear

“blood! blood! blood!”

The fighter falls to one knee



the crowd intensifies

he meets the last blow

and falling

hits the ground

a count begins

but this count will never end.



and yet of what form?

You reach with me

or rather you reach

I reach

but the gulf of Siam is broad

and we find sand

in our toes

that gives no grip

I look both left and right


this cannot be

for it was not once before

and now is

but can it be?

The gulf of Siam

warm waters that invite

two peninsulas

seeking a connection

but they do not touch

the water warm between them

limits contact

limits communication



we reach

but the water is too wide.