In the quiet of a railway station (my amazon author’s page)

What was it you said?

Once in the quiet,

when the lights so dim

spread away from us

like pools of water

we laughed

the ripples spreading

but the quiet overwhelmed us

drove us from the trees to the water

and we swam for our lives

the water dark

and cold

surrounding us with piecing cold


you spoke

before you

slipped away

you spoke

and I could not hear

I could not respond

watching the moon rise

and the sun fall

hearing the quiet fill

my ears


hearing nothing

I struggle for a moment

then I too let go

I too

slip away.




There must be 50 things that happen on your 50th birthday… (my amazon author’s page)

I woke up anew this morning. I also woke up with a sore back. It is here. No longer am I in my 50th year. I am 50. I thought of all kinds of cool 50’s lists I could do, but then instead decided to do a list of lists instead. 50 puns where also possible as today I am Indiana 5-0! Or perhaps stealing from the great book “There are 5 people you meet in heaven”, there are “50+people who influence you in 50 years.”

50 best things on my 50th Birthday

  • 50 best things I like about the 1850’s
  • 50 best things about 1950 and the 1950’s
  • 50 places you could have been on December 21, 1960
  • My 50 favorite gadgets
  • My 50 favorite songs
  • My 50 favorite Movies
  • 50 ways to leave your lover. (oh sorry that one has already been done)
  • 50 best days in my life
  • 50 best days with my wife
  • 50 nicest things my wife has done for me (what, limit this list to 50? I would have to leave out so many things)
  • 50 best things my kids ever said
  • 50 nicest things my kids have ever done for me
  • 50 nicest things my kids have done for other people
  • 50 places I have gone
  • 50 places I have eaten
  • 50 greatest TV shows
  • 50 best sporting events I’ve seen (ok that one is easy)

You get the point, I won’t beat this horse 50 times. We will just stop here. In 50 years you do a lot of living. Some of that living is good, and on your birthday you are wistful (wishing for things that never were) and some of it is good living. I thank the universe for my wife and children. They mean everything to me. I thank the universe for the myriad of friends I have and have had. I have more than 100 birthday wishes in email, cards and Facebook posts. I thank everyone who thought of me on this day. As I have done for the past few years I will hide away to today and reflect on the great things that have happened to me in the past 50 years.

Thanks again to all who wished me a 50th birthday (I am holding out on the happy until later today).