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If you are interested, Volume II of the Poetry of Sandler Boggs will soon be on my Amazon author’s page.

I am wondering what the next Fred and Ed story should be – leave a comment if you have an suggestions/ideas. It seems funny to me now, 30 years ago I made up the Fred and Ed stories, and a lot of the old stories have actually come true. Now I have tons of Fred and Ed stories wholly based on real life!

Life can be funny that way.

Today is move furniture day, so I am expecting tomorrow to be watch football (and recover from the agonizing back pain I suspect I will have post moving furniture).

The question of the day:

How long is too long?

Random Thoughts

  1. Why is it good restaurants don’t advertise as much and still end up full? Bad or chain restaurants advertise all the time and are either full or empty depending on quality. Good ones don’t seem to as much or is their advertising not geared towards me because they already have my business? If you find out the food is good, are you no longer the target audience?
  2. Why do people drive faster at night?
  3. At what point does blowing past me as we tear out of an intersection gain you anything?
  4. Why do people hate change? I don’t mean life change, I mean change in their pockets. When I was a kid I loved change, always had some. Now other than the change I collect – I put it in a jar on my dresser and turn it into paper money about every two or three months. Why is that?
  5. How many poems in the world is too many poems?
  6. Do poets who read their poetry out loud have other nasty habits?
  7. If you are between a rock and a hard place does that make you the soft creamy filling?


An early Happy New Year to all who celebrate this western version of New Years.



Clean up Friday


Newly published Fred and Ed story on my podcast!!!!


Many years ago I meant a young wayfarer named Sandler Boggs. He was the  younger brother of Phineas Boggs the explorer (around the world in 80 days). Sandler had a young sister (Helen Boggs) but she factored little into the story of Phineas and Sandler. Phineas went out into the world when Sandler was only 12 (Helen was born right before Sandler’s sixteenth birthday) and that greatly impacted Sandler for he adored his older brother.

Phineas set out to head around the world in 80 days and eventually succeeded. Thus it was with great ambition that his younger brother Sandler set out to beat his brother’s record. Sadly Sandler fell short of the record completing the circumnavigation in 91 days.

It was the story of his life, always finishing second to his brother. However Sandler was a poet and created many wonderful poems over the years. I’ve collected a number of them here in a guide called “The Poetry of Sandler Boggs Volume 1” with hopes of finding more of his poems to share.

Over the years I have published many of Sandler’s poems here. I hope you enjoy them!



November 2010

To see the light

In the darkened tunnel

the light

moves from side to side

as though a lantern carried by a drunken sailor

weaving in

and out of the tracks

no set direction

no way to go

as if a train


at great speed

shimmying on the track as it

barrels ever forward

to crush in its path

those watching the swinging light

hypnotized by what they think they see

lost in what may be

the drunken sailor

stops to

empty his stomach of the booze and cigars

chunks of light

blowing into the air

sticking on the tunnel wall


the train

blowing past

exploding the air around us

pushing us backward

the light gone

the tunnel walls still

with an eerie glow

and I do not see the sailor anymore.



To reduce to simplicity


find within the threaded needle

the eye of the storm

the small piece of what was

yet guided by the hand

the thread

the eye of the storm is a child’s gesture

a tap on the shoulder

then moving

the storm disappears but

the needle lost

the thread

the lifeline of cotton

wound around a spool and




the thread wound around a new spool

leaving the eye

leaving the needle

leaving the storm

and now


the quiet and empty spool

rolls from side to side

with no direction

it finds no path.