Family time, it is a gift…

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Within 1000 feet of our house I have seen deer. We heard Coyote’s last night as we were watching TV. I have seen woodchucks and raccoons all living in harmony with the world around them. There are a lot of small wooded areas and places that the animals can hide from the ever expanding rush of humanity it really is kind of nice.

We had wildlife in Indiana although no deer. They are such majestic creatures. I suspect that is the value of Bambi. For those of us who watched the movie and saw “spirit of the wilderness” deer are creatures of beauty.

Barb and I realized this am that our family tradition of Thanksgiving movies may be in jeopardy. With Netflix/blockbuster we find ourselves very picky about what we see in the theaters. There is a certain freedom in watching some of these movies at home. I just don’t see any great movies out right now, perhaps a couple are planning a Wednesday release that will save the day.

This is our first thanksgiving in many years with no travel. It’s a long drive back to see the family (10 hours) so we are camping out at home to make turkey and enjoy family time.


Short Sunday conversation…

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Is it fair to say I have corrupted my children by teaching them to like sushi? Last night I told the bean she could choose where we went for dinner (since it was her bday and all that) she choose the sushi place in the Kentlands. 5 years ago if I had suggested sushi my family would have had my head on a silver platter. Now all the kids love it.

Last night we feasted on spicy tuna rolls, eel, shrimp and California rolls as well as the Chef’s specialty which was a Salmon and Roe roll that simply was amazing (I ate too many of those). We also got fish roe, which the boys tried and pronounced it a little salty but tasty. I’ve been making them watch the show bizarre foods with Andrew Zimern (sp). The man simply is amazing – helping reintroduce a number of foods into our diet that we’ve forgotten about. Since watching that show a few times the boys are more willing to try new things as is Jackie. Although due to the beans love of beef, she is now dead set of vacationing in Argentina.

We ended the birthday celebration with cake at home. And I got to watch my first live IU basketball game of the year. In 1976 my dad and I listed to the Maui classic which was then broadcast late at night on the IU radio network. It was a great bonding opportunity and I still to this day love watching IU basketball games. Last night it was fun to see the team really seem to come together. It looks like it will be a good year this year.

I am playing around with the gotomypc product for the next few days, seeing if in fact it may be useful. You never really know – I am trying to build a simple set of demos for a training class I am building so it may be useful.


Another Shameless Review = The new KINDLE Fire

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Ohh ohh ohh I’m on fire!

Got the new Kindle fire. I love devices you can pop out of the box and after ten minutes are using them as if they were always something you used. The Kindle fire is such a device. Light weight and with a fantastic screen the device is my new favorite reading tool. Well now that I am doing the review its actually more than a reading tool. It’s a multimedia experience device.

What I love

  • Size
  • Ease of use
  • screen
  • Amazon Prime steamed movies
  • Amazon webstore streamed music
  • Audible Books
  • Wait – Netflix streamed movies
  • Hulu

What I like

  • Touch screen
  • clarity of ink on page (easy to read)

What needs to improve

  • 3g connection
  • more storage

First off I have only been using the device for three days so in fairness I haven’t put it through its full sahkes. I have also bene a kindle user for a long time, so there is a little bias there.

I am a huge fan of the Android Application Store on Amazon (as they check applications for issues etc) so I am not bothered by the less quality of applications available today.

Overall I find the device an easy to use tool. Now I need to sit down, and read for awhile.


Why have you cursed me?

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Photography is about the ability to see. Not what is directly in the viewfinder but how it will look after you snap that picture. I feel like Scalari in that I know a great picture and with a digital camera I can take great pictures (1 out of say any 120 I take). I cannot however envision the post snap image. My daughter can. We went nature photo’ing yesterday near the house. It was a blast walking around taking pictures. I am so proud of the bean.

Then, like Scalari I looked at the pictures she took and found myself filled with envy. Why can I be in the same place and time as someone else and not take the same pictures, not find the same beauty? To behold the beauty seen by others is different than being able to create it yourself. I am proud of the bean – she has a great eye for photography. I on the other hand require a larger memory card as most of my pictures are well, not worth the memory they are stored on.

Still, if you view her Facebook page you will see dozens of well framed and shot pictures. I was there as well but I don’t have dozens of well framed interesting pictures (I have 3). I suspect the greatest gift a parent can give a child is waving to them as they blow past you on their way to greatness.

Still..”why give me eyes that can see beauty but not the ability to photograph it?”


If only…

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1 Xbox setup.

1 more box opened.

But now I am 13 boxes behind my goal. I am going to take a 1/2 day Friday to try and catch up. What is the point of setting a goal if you don’t at least try and hit it.

We walked down to the 5 Guys burger joint in the square for dinner last night. Its really kind of fun to be able to safely walk to the movies, dinner or for that matter even shopping. We had a blast last night meandering our way through the neighborhood on the way to dinner. Barb is taking the kids to the pool today (and to get their neighborhood id’s). Their (the kids) stolen days of extra summer are over Monday (and Tuesday) as all three head back to school.

When I was in school I hated school. If I only knew then what I know now, I would have reveled more in school. But as the famous quote goes “youth is wasted on the young.” Hindsight is such a glorious tool to consider.

Time to get rolling and get to work – loving the new job.

(interesting thing – watched a video about the impact of negativity in management – would LOVE TO show it to a large number of people. Let me just say there are many ways to solve problems and frankly negative is never one of them. Perhaps a compliment to start and then well say something nice.

If only I knew then what I know now.