Saturday, in the park (no wait can’t its RAINING)

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Did the weather not read my blog yesterday? According to the rain gauge (connected to my indoor weather station – I’ve learned a lot in the old days the weather station was in a box outside) there was 1.6 inches of rain yesterday around my house. My house sits at the bottom of a hill and most of the neighborhood drains into my backyard.  About 10 years ago we added a drain in our backyard to at least control the water flow. Two years ago we added a stone drain field around the drain to reduce the clogging affect of large spring rains. The system held (and has held for two years now) but there is still a lot of water draining into that drain.

I am going with a  good news, bad news scenario there. It could be worse (flooded basement etc). It could be better (sunshine would be nice).

I am replacing my all-in-one printer/fax with a new one this week. The old one (hp) has that new HP expiring ink and it isn’t something I want to keep replacing. Plus the HP stuff is really expensive to replace. What I need is a very compact printer to save some space on my desk. I have other printers that do a better printing job, I just need something that is easy to leverage/use. I am considering the Lexmark, but as always anything IBM makes me nervous. Lexmark like Lenovo isn’t part of IBM anymore, but they were and anything IBM makes me nervous.

Had to take the boys to the eye doctor this am – again one has broken glasses so it was off to the appt. Luckily we had a good time, but it does get kinda tiring when you have to do that all the time.

All for now…



The cage within my smile

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I live beneath

the light of a nuanced star


and quiet

I wonder amidst the ruins

and wonder

what mighty king fell?

as Shelley said

bound by sand to a base of clay

the might fall.

the nuanced light

slips under the door

and sliding around me,

slowly pulls me outside

asked not

but offered

a glass of cherry red wine

made from grapes

nuanced grapes perhaps

the glass offered

I withdraw my hand

but the glass is forced

“drink” a voice disembodied says


sipping I find it

not to be wine

but Dr. Pepper

and cold it flows around me

filling me with nuanced sunlight

and quiet whispers


I feel the sand beneath my feet

I feel the heat within the sand

I feel the un upon my face

but the cage remains.



Forever the cracking drywall

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Can you hear me?

In the darkness all seems gray

I see the white wall

whitewashed wall?

what stain does it cover?

What stain does the white hide?

you cannot see in the darkness

your ears cupped like

tin cans




the sound

but nothing returns

what does the white cover?

my eyes?

my heart?

my tears?

I cannot tell any longer

what once was white

what once was covered with white

what is now white

all is becoming a shadow

and I am lost.




Saturday–time to get working on the boy’s beds!

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Threatening Emails

Why would you threaten someone in email? I got an email today that felt very threatening to me. I am not sure why you would intentionally try to scare someone in an email.

  1. Its in writing
  2. They can keep it forever
  3. In the end, it isn’t as menacing as a person standing right in front of you
  4. But it is admissible in a court of law

Enough of that – water off the duck’s back.


Random Thoughts

  • Why do children store store so much crap under their beds?
  • Why do they look surprised when you move the beds and there is all that crap they’ve stuffed there?
  • So I am digging HD TV, HD Radio but I wonder what letters are next? CDMBA TV?
  • If you leave your left turn signal on does that make you lazy or just prepared?
  • Two rights don’t make a wrong, but four rights always get you back to where you started.
  • Two wrongs don’t make a right either, but one left can be wrong or right depending upon the left turn sign status…
  • Why send me an email? I have a record of it, forever?
  • I’m stimulating the economy – I have 3 kids!
  • I love my wife she puts up with so much crap.
  • The path to redemption and the path to salvation have an intersection but its not in my GPS…how do I get there?
  • Birds fly and planes fly, but garbage trucks with flies stink…
  • Louie the XVII of France lost his head, literally quite a few years ago this week…
  • The lines in the mall are so short I should buy next years CMas presents, now!



Experiments with Dry Ice… (my amazon author’s page)

To say,

breath floating away from you

from me

in puffs of white billowy


the birth place of clouds

as we stand

the words tumbling around us

“Look” the child cries to his mother

“I am making a cloud” his

breath floating away from him

as well

but his


and ours lost?

Do we speak of truth or

lips moving we lie

our cloud

black on the inside

no lining

no silver



are we building

the storm clouds of spring?

The crows

sit perched


piecing each cloud

with their steely gaze

they watch not the child

they long for storm clouds

they long for rain

and thunder

explosions of

light and sound

that float away from us

our lips moving

our lies escaping



black clouds bringing rain…




is it enough to be alone? (my amazon author’s page)


Its amazing to me when I think about it. 20 years ago, sitting in a kitchen in Hot Springs Village Arkansas I made a promise to someone. Why is amazing? well it has been 20 years since that promise was made and I have done my best to keep it. I, like all humans am flawed. I make mistakes and fall flat on my face, and now am looking at the downhill side of life. 50 looms less than 24 hours away. (1:48 am December 21, 1960). Somewhere around two pm today it will be 12 hours. A lot of things have changed, but I have kept that promise. Its been a fight at times to not say the promise wasn’t worth it, no words are. But the person was worth the words. So I’ve kept that promise now for 20 years.


In the quiet of a memory

In the darkness

that wells around us

In the quiet

as the rain washes over us

you hear that?

that silence?

that restful



that stretches beyond what we know?

Do you hear it now?

the lack of all

the presence of nothing

it the quiet that

wells around us like an ocean swell


and falling

each moment a different place

that moment right before the rain falls

then when our eyes once met

then when our hearts

silent with the rain fall

could turn away

now the rain is here

the silence washed away

can it be true?



How far to be too long? (my amazon author’s page)

The lights twinkle and fade

each one a moment in the sun

then fleeting


it hides from the darkness and

winks out and fading

the darkness enfolds one more

tiny shimmering lost light

that no more

beams out

into the infinite vastness of time and space

capturing that movement

and carrying it to the universe.

I watch each light

wondering what message then is lost

it can no more be than it was before

a tiny message

in a light cupped bottle

bobbing on a sea of blackness


it winks out

fading to black

and leaving no trace of what was before.