A Saturday recap (and really very little to say)




My Amazon author page!!!!

I am struggling this am to come up with something to talk about so we start as always in that case with the overall stats of my blog. Heading towards 1600 posts and nearly 3 books worth of content between the two blogs (see my amazon author page if you want to get up-to-date with the Sandler Boggs dream and my other books.) Transitional Services is coming out in the next 90 days. That is exciting for me as it has always been my dream to be a published author (with my own personal material). The Board of Education is coming into shape for IASA which I find extremely exciting. It feels a great year coming although it is pretty early.

Communication remains an issue with some of the people I interact with frequently. I don’t mind bad communication – you can get around that. No communication becomes an issue as it limits everyone. My new favorite issue is the concept of presentation “stump the chump” where one person is willing to make a presentation to the group. They start talking and everyone who is smarter than they are interrupts them. If you were smarter in the first place why didn’t you sign up to make the presentation rather than stumping the poor person willing to actually do the initial work. I’ve read a number of books on good presentations and have NEVER heard anyone mention the stump the chump process, ever. My new rule is going to be give the person the amount of time they asked to finish and hold all questions to the end. It really makes people look a bit controlling when they jump in and derail the presentation.

18,000 views of my two blogs (and counting) nearly 120,000 SPAM posts to my account – which scares me. For ever 1 real view there are 10 spam viewers. I guess that says something about my blog doesn’t it Smile

Time to get moving for a Saturday with the kids!