The last Starbucks on the road to a brave new world

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The snow

like tiny swords cutting through the air

writing small cracks on the faces of the

people struggling against the wind

simply seeking egress from the cold

a place to

sip coffee and

in stirring their cream

talk about the days before

global colding

he says

as he takes the cup of

coffee and swirling in his cream smiles

“global colding is more like it”

he says again with a wry smile

and then heads back out into the cold

“you can stay” the Barista says

“free wi-fi” the enticing finisher


the cold beckoned

the warm coffee

enough to get home


to fight

the ever growing

Global Colding.



A Sunday stroll at Starbucks

My Amazon author page!!!!

Went to see the movie “The Kings Voice” last night. Really a very solid movie. Colin Firth is a persona favorite of mine (I’ve loved every movie he has done) and this one may be his best one yet. I hope he at least gets an Oscar nod for this one – and Geoffrey Rush was incredible as well. It always seems to me that it is harder to play a real person than a fictional character. As real people had real emotions etc.


We ended up running late this am and missed church. All dressed up when we realized we were running really late we ended up going to Starbucks and spending some quality family time. IT was really nice to hang out and talk for an hour away from home and all the stressors that are there (as there are in any home). It amazes me how grown up all three of my children are now. We ended up talking about the boys first birthday and the clown/cake incident. The clown was scary (seemed to be someone right out of rehab – shaking and all). The cake however was a class first birthday thing. The boys each had a cake, and the dived in literally. We ended up throwing both high chairs into the pool to clean them and taking both boys to the tub right away to get most of the frosting off of them. Without a doubt the best possible outcome.


Enough for now –