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it should be noted that I once read my poem’s out loud – and do in fact have many other nasty habits.

The first publication by Sandler Boggs – May 1, 1977. It seems momentous now – when I look back over the years to that particular date. I have never made a lot of money as a writer, I suspect if you total the amount I’ve made and remove the cost of the equipment I’ve bought to pursue my writing, I am probably a few hundred dollars ahead. But for me the joy of writing has more to do with the expression of where I am, and sharing that with others, then it does the value I get from writing.

My first book was published 14 years ago (“There are day’s you just want to go home” by Bibliotheca Publishing). My second book was published on Kindle about a year and a half ago (and you can find all four current books by clicking on My Amazon Author page above.

I’ve published more than 80 articles and poems over the years.

But that first one remains special. Unique, I might say in terms of how it has impacted me. I still remember the letter arriving at my parents house saying I was to be a published author. It remains one of the highlights of a pretty good childhood.

Sandler Boggs

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