New IPAD Review follow-up

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I’ve spent some time lately on my “other” blog talking about iT Sprawl. It’s a concept that involves an IT problem that many organizations have and continue to have. Not going to spend a lot of time here talking about it, just wanted to share.

Todays is a review day. I’ve been carrying around the new IPAD for the past month. I really enjoyed the old IPAD I had (the kids are using it now as a game system). The new one is simply amazing.


  • The screen really is worth it
  • I like the LTE network – it makes a difference as well
  • Dish Remote, Hulu +, Sirius and Netflix all work really well in remote mode. I can’t wait to try the new Blockbuster streaming application.


  • I still can’t transition to the IPAD for notes. I need the feel of a pen and the LiveScribe device remains the best one for notes for me.

Overall it has been worth the upgrade for me. I am hoping that Windows 8 in tablet form will lessen the gap a little because right now the IPAD remains the best tablet. I tried using an android tablet but it was simply not good enough. My windows 7 tablet is good (and includes a stylus for note taking so it is a close second in that one category to the LiveScribe.)

I have also tried the Brookstone add on Ipad scanner. That is the coolest device I’ve added so far (although eh Ihealth blood pressure cuff is a close second). I find I can live without a laptop for longer and longer time periods now. Eventually it will be a complete break but that isn’t coming in the short term.

Still, in less than 5 months the Ipad has become a go-to tool for me…