Short Trick or Treat blog…
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This is my 52nd Halloween on this planet. It is however probably only the 45th or 46th that I actually remember. One year I remember going as a football player (heavily wounded during the game) but I think I was 8. I enjoyed the concept of getting candy but never really spent a lot of time actually on my costumes.

Now my kids are a different story. My favorite all time year was when we lived in Cincinnati Ohio and Barb and the boys went as the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1, and Thing 2. Although Luke, as Thing 2 wishes to point out all these years later that it was a numerical ranking nor a birth order thing and instead they should have been called Thing 1 and Thing A.

The kids used to get costumes that my mother made – some of them were really amazing over the years. Lions, Bears and Blue the Dog were examples (my mother is very creative.)

Now they are all just grouchy teenagers although my beanie will not be a teenager much longer (20 days in fact counting today).

Time is give to children and stolen from parents.


Hurricane Sandy – 2012
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We survived the Hurricane. Seems no matter where we live there is always bad weather. I guess that says something although is it about me or simply that no matter where you go there is some form of bad weather.

The winds last night were amazing. At one point during dinner we all looked up and realized that in fact we probably shouldn’t have been eating in the dining room (2 windows – plus the family room has many more than that and there is nothing between the family room and the dining room except air – and air doesn’t stop flying glass shards effectively.

Dylan doesn’t like the wind much. I can’t tell if he was abused or was basically outside on his own for extended time periods. He is very much of a lap dog versus an outdoor dog, but he does loving being outside. Except of course during storms, then he wants to find a safe place and hunker down.

It was kind of fun having everyone home yesterday. I am looking forward to thanksgiving when that happens again.

By the way for anyone interested my mother’s name is Sandy. We called her on Saturday and said “the news said you were coming on Monday.” After yesterday that just isn’t as funny as it was on Saturday.


A Tribute to my favorite singer Neil Young…
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Today’s Reflection

When we look in the mirror what do we see? Do we see that which we dreamed or that which we settled for?


There is a song by Neil Young (of course) that always pops into my head this time of year. Neil Young remains to this day my favorite singer. There are a lot of performers I’ve enjoyed over the years but he is without a doubt the only one that I consistently listen to over and over again. From Transformer to Harvest and Harvest Moon I play Neil Young stuff. As I look up into the cool crisp Autumn sky I am reminded of Neil’s song “Harvest Moon.”

My friend Ned used to make fun of me for my musical taste saying I was the only teenager that listened to old people music and (at the time we were both in our 20’s) I was now the only young man who still listened to the old man music I listened to as a teenager. I miss Ned sometimes he had a unique way of looking at the world.

My grandfather spent a summer trying to convince me that I should listen to the music of Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller. I love the songs of the big bands. The music is great and I enjoy it, but its not my favorite.

I love listening to classical as well. There are even some songs that I like from the country side. But when there are events that impact me or change the world around me, it is Neil’s music that I associate with that event.

My 3rd blog ever stated that I loved Neil Young. I love all of the words and the music he has produced. From Buffalo Springfield to the days with Crosby Stills Nash (and Young). All of his music speaks to me in different times and moods.

So a huge thank you to Neil Young for more than 40 years of listening pleasure.


Is it just me?
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There are times when I wonder. D and I went for a walk with the boys yesterday (well they went for part of the walk). We ended up wandering around the neighborhood for awhile. I have to say I laughed out loud when Dylan asked peed on a Mitt Romney sign. He wasn’t the first dog to do so from the coloring of the sign.

I watched a little of the footage of Hurricane Isaac. I truly feel bad for the folks near New Orleans. I hope everyone makes it out safely.

It was cool this morning makes me wish I walked in the AM rather than the PM. The PM walking comes from my days as a school teacher. I used to run at the end of the day to work through some of my stress. Now I have less stress but I still walk at the end of the day. I just don’t have the knees left for running.

Is it bad when you fall asleep at 9:30 on the dot virtually every night?