It is a wealth I tell you, a wealth of information

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1.5 million steps yesterday as planned. Not all in one day, just since June. It seems like an ever growing number. I love logging into the web site and seeing how many miles I’ve walked, steps I’ve taken and so on. I should, at some point probably make a larger effort to change the goals, since I keep blowing out the existing goals but for now it is nice to exceed as I succeed!

My new goal is to further leverage the fitbit and complete the following:

  • 3 million steps
  • 20 flights of stairs per day average (currently at 17)

It was cool and crisp this morning. I really love the fall when it is cool and crisp. I have to get the boys out to rake the leaves (how can a postage stamp yard have more than a 1/2 acre?).

I find myself missing Chicago lately. I don’t miss Indianapolis nor do I miss the old house, but for some reason the last couple of pictures I’ve seen of Chicago made me homesick. Not sure why, I have lived in Chicago for more than 44 years. I worked there from 2000 to 2003 nearly every day so I’ve been there pretty recently. Most of my dear friends have moved on the city so I don’t know why I am homesick for Chicago, but I am.

At some point in the aging process your brain starts to play memory games with you. I suspect that is where I am now. If it were a computer or a server I would say “reboot and clear the memory.” How do you reboot the human brain? It is a question that I suspect will plague man as more and more information dumps into us.