Follow-up ActiveWords Review!!!!!!

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I have now had the wonderful application ActiveWords ( for more than a year and a 1/2.

  • If you buy a user copy you can use it on every machine you own.
  • it is an amazing tool that truly benefits the system user!

I run a number of different computers that each have different jobs. I have computers that I focus on productivity (writing documents and building slide shows) and ActiveWords is a great tool (auto spelling correction). The application runs in the background and watches what you do, over time it prompts for building keyword short cuts for specific applications.  No longer a multi-step process to open a file share, SharePoint Portal Workspace and Microsoft word. You simply type office in my ActiveWords command line – and everything is ready to go. It even pays attention to the screen layouts of the applications and opens them the way I want them.

On my server I can simply type in “user” and it launched ad users and groups.

On my media machine type in “video” and it launches movie maker.

On my media machine type in Stars and it launches deep space and checks for updates (a great application if you love star gazing).

The promise of the application when I downloaded it two years ago was to reduce the time it took me to complete tasks. It has done so, and in fact has opened up some tasks improvement windows that I would have never noticed. It has tools for improving your Bing search (which is hard to do – Bing search rocks) as well as improving your overall productivity.

Two years ago I noted this was a great program. I now run 7 copies of the application on the PC’s I use (3 are virtual servers – I am no where near as bad as I used to be). It is my 3rd most used tool, only word and PowerPoint get used more than ActiveWords now. If you haven’t tried it, pull down their evaluation copy – it is the most amazing tool, ever.