First day in Dallas…in a long time.
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First trip this year – in Dallas. Of course what one essential thing from my years of travel experience did I forget? 3A batteries for the keyboard. That of course means hotel gift store and frankly paying through the nose. Oh well. At least there is a Starbucks around the corner. Life is good.  Still after 15 years of constant international travel you would think that wouldn’t be an issue. Maybe not traveling for 10 months other than a family vacation or two reduces or even kills your travelers instincts.

When I landed in Dallas last night it was 8 pm, the sun was setting and it was 105 degrees. There is no way that is anything but hot (dry or wet its just hot heat) of course global warming is just a plot by scientists to make money.

I ate dinner at IAD last night. I’ve forgotten how awful the food is at IAD. I am not sure why I keep forgetting that. So a list of the airports that have good food:

  • Schiphol (Amsterdam and its probably spelled wrong)
  • Narita Tokyo (also spelling)
  • Minneapolis MN
  • Chicago O’Hare
  • Denver CO

Ease of access at airports is another pain. Smaller regionals like Indianapolis or Louisville are always easier to get in and out of then O’Hare or Dulles are. Anyway time to get rolling.


Another Shameless review–2 android tablets…
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I am playing with two android tablet’s right now. The Samsung galaxy 7 and the Nexus 7. They are both really well made and fit easily into your hand. So far battery life is comparable to my iPad but the applications are a little less intuitive. The Nexus 7 has a solid feel to it but with only 16 gigs of RAM I suspect it will be my kids tablet pretty quick. They have my old iPad now and use it frequently although they tend to use the Sony Vita more than the iPad.

What’s good (both):

  • weight is nice
  • Screens are both impressive
  • Apps that are in common have a great look and feel
  • integration with the Amazon cloud drive is fantastic – I had music running off my cloud drive in less than 3 minutes
  • Integration with Google and all the offerings they have is slick – much easier to use than iCloud.

What’s good Nexus 7:

  • I love the Google apps button – really nice way to quickly get to your online Google applications
  • Google play is a nice touch
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS (why do android OS names seem to make me hungry
  • Micro (or is it mini) USB standard connection for changing and connecting to PC
  • Mounts as a drive easily on any Windows PC – will try the mac over the weekend.

Bad Nexus 7

  • no memory expansion (Sad smile)
  • No rear camera

What is good Samsung Galaxy 7:

  • Universal remote (and by the way all Samsung devices built into the universal remote amazing)
  • cool screen saver
  • preloads a number of applications
  • comes preloaded with ICE Cream sandwich (Android 4)
  • Has a Micro-SD slot so memory expansion is possible (I am trying 32 gigs now, will try 64 next week)
  • Front and rear camera
  • Built in screen capture application (that is truly useful)

What is bad Samsung:

  • Norton is pre-installed and really hard to uninstall
  • Has Ice Cream sandwich not Jelly bean so you have to upgrade to stay current

These devices have come a long way. I had an Android phone for awhile but it just isn’t at the phone level of the Iphone today. These tablets are close to the functionality of my iPad and do offer interesting alternative views of what is possible. Most of the gestures are effective and the camera’s are solid. Holding a tablet up to take pictures still feels strange, but the inward facing camera is nice for video chats.


The path to a million steps

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On the journey to a million steps the first thing you notice is the world around you. The world is ever changing, leaves that turn brown and then fall from the trees spring green again from tiny buds that creep out of the limbs of bushes and trees and the cold of February fades into the wind of March. It is a world of life and death. Humans are predators so as you walk you hear the scurrying of animals that you might be hunting for, dinner perhaps? A Robin omelet with Robin’s eggs blue?

Each step becoming less a movement of muscles and more a separation, the application of distance in two foot measures, each step further from where you were and closer to where you could be but never arriving or returning to either. You find, in that journey of a million steps that each step is unique and each step becomes like all the others.

Looking back all steps are the same.

Looking forward each step is unique.

So the dance goes. Always one eye ahead and one eye watching the ground that swells and falls in front of you. What do you hear on that journey of a million steps. The sounds of a world awakening and a world that is heading to sleep. The sounds of children, held on the shoulders of grandparents crying. Asking for the person not there, the person they can’t have now and so their tiny cries fill the air with loneliness for you are walking and most likely facing the world along as well.

Each step echo’s and that resounds as well and then there is the birds. Always around and above, scurrying about their daily lives filling trees and air with sound and fury.

Sometimes on the journey of a million steps you long for quiet. Instead the cacophony of noise assaults you like a train roaring past and filling the air around you as if there was nothing but air nothing but noise. You pause for a moment, letting the rush of noise fill the void around you, but eventually each step carries you further from the noise towards?

From the desk of Sandler Boggs

just a starting point

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My confusion I suspect stems from my perception. It isn’t that things are as they should be nor as anyone would wish them to be, simply that at this point they are, an existence that extends beyond perception.

My favorite three lines of poetry all time, one written by Sandler Boggs “Poet’s who read their poem’s out loud may have other nasty habits as well.” The second is from Shelley “Look upon my works ye mighty and despair. But as far as the travelers could see there was nothing.” The second line is paraphrased a little. The last is from William Blake “Did he who made the Tyger make thee?”

I am not sure why over the course of the 30 years since the first was written and the 30 years since I read the first two the first time, they have stuck with me. There are a number of one liners from song’s that I recall and a number of other lines of poetry, but these are the lines I use when I start a thinking project. They are my imaginations leaping off point, that place where the bonds of gravity release from my mind and I am for a time free.

Over the years I have used these jumping off points many times.

You have to start somewhere –


interesting random thought day

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Interesting fact, I have more people who are subscribed to my blog than I had actual new readers or people who aren’t subscribed to my blog yesterday. That is the first time that has ever happened (I check every day). I find that an intriguing fact.

Got a great email about my other blog this morning. Regardless of the content – it was nice to hear from a reader. It really makes my day. My mother frequently comments offline about her grandchildren and how they are doing based on my blog (and it is always nice to hear from mom) but there is something to be said for an out of the blue email and in addition one that says nice things to boot.

I’ve decided that my new book will be two fold – volume 5 of the poetry of Sandler Boggs, combined with the philosophy of Mr. Boggs to boot. He has some unique views of the way the world works.

I have to drive down to DC today so I suspect I will be struggling with traffic. To early or to late and you are so screwed no matter what. It never seems to let up this horrible traffic.



The ghost in the machine

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To all my friends in Indiana and Kentucky my deepest sympathies and prayers. What an awful storm. I wonder sometimes if the reality of television doesn’t create greater problems. I also wonder if the message Al Gore tried to get out 5 or more years ago isn’t coming true. We’ve had 100 year storms for the past three years. Since those storms are supposed to come once every 100 years, and have been pretty regular since the dawn of time, global warming may be starting to happen.

Its not, global warming, about making the planet warmer. It some locales it will do just that. Its really about disrupting the energy management system of planet earth resulting in more energy produced which translates into more 100 year storms. Global warming is driving our weather to extremes. Let’s hope we find a way to solve this problem before its too late.

I suspect there  is a lesson there. Probably the same lesson the political system teaches us every four years. There is no end to what people will say to convince people that in fact what they see isn’t real.

The ghost in the machine is us.


Random Sunday wandering…

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With deepest sympathies to the family of Whitney Houston who died yesterday. She brought one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard with her into this world and took it back out when she left us. The world is a sad place today with the loss.

We went to see a musical version of “Dirty Rotten Scoundrel’s” last night at the community theatre. It was a well done musical with good voices and pretty good overall quality.  Overall I would rate the show worth the money.

The movie, Dirty Rotten Scoundrel’s is the first movie I saw after my divorce now more than 25 years ago. My little sister took me to the movie to cheer me up. It worked, I did feel better. Regardless of anything it is one of my favorite all time movies both for the movie itself but also for the meaning and message sent by my little sister (life goes on).

You don’t know the road you are going to take until after you start down that road. It doesn’t matter in the end as long as you walk out of the situation with more friends than you walk in with. I have found over the years quite a few friends that have stayed with me (and a few that have passed on into the darkness). I am happy that the friends I have remain my friends.

Time to get rolling…