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“D” escaped last night. It was a few minutes of panic but he ended up making new friends and catching a ride to the grocery store in the neighborhood where I picked him up. I suspect he was looking to take a walk and couldn’t find me so he went out on his own. Needless to say for a brief moment it was quite scary.

I am squatting in a window office for the week – kind of nice to have a window, gray skies kinda suck however when you have a window. I do in fact miss my office in GBurg. It is proposal season so I suspect my days in GB will be numbered this summer. I will be out and about working on RFP’s and RFI’s the rest of this summer.

The path of least resistance is sometimes the only path you can take.


The National Mall

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IMGP0133 First as a point of clarification I thought the Washington Monument was vertical? Second as a further point of clarification (one that my mother and wife insistent I post on-line frequently is I got my sense of humor or lack thereof from my father). My wife and my mother both wish it known that they did not, do not or willingly participate in the development, support or propagation of my humor.

We went to the Mall of America yesterday, in particular to see the Washington Monument and the Air and Space museum. We really had a great time. The girl scouts of America were also there having a special event (Rock the Mall). The mall was crowded with people but not horribly bad. It’s a simple 30 minute trip from GB to downtown DC. You simply drive to Rockville, hop on the redline and away you go.

We really enjoyed the trip on the subway and walking around the national mall. I had forgotten how much fun the air and space museum can be. I hadn’t been there since I was last in DC over a weekend – almost ten years ago.

I will be posting a couple of new podcasts next week – I have some thought son a new concept that I find interesting, I suspect I am the only one with that feeling, but you can always ignore this blog and my podcasts.


Weekend Update (no Chevy Chase, sorry).

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Barb had a great idea to help the dogs adjust. We sat the living room together (all of us) and of course Fran got on the couch as she is wont to do. She lunged at Dylan once (and I have a nice bruise on my hand to show for that). But then she calmed down. She is still nervous about him being behind her (but she is an old lady and her leg hurts so I can’t blame her for that).

I took both of them for a walk yesterday. Dylan went a little over 5 miles. At first he was tugging the leash but he settled down. We did have to stop three times so he could talk to the boys that were doing various boys things alongside the road. He has adopted Luke and Nick as his pets, much as Fran did 11 years ago with Jackie.

Fran hurt her leg while we were walking. She was so proud to be on a walk with me that she didn’t let me know or I didn’t catch that her leg was hurting. So she limped home the last 1/2 mile. I felt so guilty but she didn’t want to “not” walk with me. I felt guilty all night. She of course, didn’t seem to be impacted overall, just limped a little more than usual.

By the middle of the day the two were getting along (Fran and Dylan). Dylan tends to put a little distance between him and the grouchy old lady but overall they are getting along..


Seven days journey in an open boat in search of the sun…

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My hero.

I have had a number of hero’s over the years. Some of them were people I worked with (or worked for.). Those people have helped me grow and shape both my personal beliefs as well as my personal skills. I can’t imagine where I would be without the influence of the people that have helped me over the years. Thank you to each and everyone one of them.

Of course there are people who have blocked or bothered me, but I left most of them behind in my old job.

So to those who gently bumped me (pushed me at times) the right direction thank you. To those who played games and blocked me from progressing, I feel sorry for you.

Time to get rolling.


A wrap-up Thursday conversation

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4 million steps passed quietly two weeks ago (up to 4.1 million now). It was anti-climatic for me as nothing changed other than the ticker on my fitbit site.

What do you do when someone you work with consistently says things that aren’t true in meetings? Do you call them out? What if they are the golden child is there a risk in calling out the golden child?

Barbara passed her exam yesterday. She is now only a letter and request from license away from being done. It was a journey of more than 4 years and I am proud of her. She has talked about being a Social Worker since I have known her. Even in the days when she was doing video she always felt that she would better serve the world helping people.

I am extremely proud of her. Nick made the honor role – kudos to him as well!! He really loves math and science which is a good set of things to be interested in.

Not a lot else to say today – so TTYL!


Top workout gadgets

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I pulled a muscle lifting weights the other day (very small weights and very carefully). As a 20 year old I did something similar and it was gone away pain wise in about 8 days. I am now heading into my third week and the doctor said it may be another two weeks before it heals completely. Arrggh.

Many years ago I used to be a runner, now due to bad knees I am a walker. But the one constant is I am a gadget freak. So there are a number of interesting gadgets for people who walk/run both indoors and outdoors.

Scott’s Top work out gadgets:

  • Any of the Garmin workout watches. I have owned a Garmin watch of various kinds for more than 7 years. I tend to upgrade from the previous to the new version because I like the newer feature sets. However, any of their watches is a great addition to your workout.
  • Fitbit or gozone pedometer (just for the social aspects of sharing how far you are walking alone!). I love letting my friends know when I hit milestones (and I enjoy when they hit milestones as well). It really is the social aspect of workouts!
  • Portable XM Radio
  • Ipod Classic

I rotate the music device I use. One day its Xm radio – and I either listen to a music channel like the big 80’s or I listen to talk radio. The other days I listen to audible books on my ipod. Currently I am enjoying the Facebook Effect. the interesting reality of the modern gadgets? I haven’t had to replace one (a couple of headsets ) but no devices. When I was using tape players I stopped because I was burning through a portable tape player every 3-4 months. Amazing how much better the technology is now.


New IPAD Review follow-up

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I’ve spent some time lately on my “other” blog talking about iT Sprawl. It’s a concept that involves an IT problem that many organizations have and continue to have. Not going to spend a lot of time here talking about it, just wanted to share.

Todays is a review day. I’ve been carrying around the new IPAD for the past month. I really enjoyed the old IPAD I had (the kids are using it now as a game system). The new one is simply amazing.


  • The screen really is worth it
  • I like the LTE network – it makes a difference as well
  • Dish Remote, Hulu +, Sirius and Netflix all work really well in remote mode. I can’t wait to try the new Blockbuster streaming application.


  • I still can’t transition to the IPAD for notes. I need the feel of a pen and the LiveScribe device remains the best one for notes for me.

Overall it has been worth the upgrade for me. I am hoping that Windows 8 in tablet form will lessen the gap a little because right now the IPAD remains the best tablet. I tried using an android tablet but it was simply not good enough. My windows 7 tablet is good (and includes a stylus for note taking so it is a close second in that one category to the LiveScribe.)

I have also tried the Brookstone add on Ipad scanner. That is the coolest device I’ve added so far (although eh Ihealth blood pressure cuff is a close second). I find I can live without a laptop for longer and longer time periods now. Eventually it will be a complete break but that isn’t coming in the short term.

Still, in less than 5 months the Ipad has become a go-to tool for me…