Wander project Greenwood IN

All of the pictures today were taken by my wife, and were all film pictures scanned during the family history project (hence two being or facing the wrong direction). This is of our daughters birthday one year in the kitchen of our home in Greenwood IN. There are pictures of me, probably taken 12 – 14 years ago. I didn’t have gray hair in these photos. Makes them hard to look at sometimes, I have lots of gray hair now. (blurry images were sometimes the end result of developed film).

Funny how the things you notice changes over time. I didn’t use to notice my hair. Now I do. The party was one of several of my daughter’s friends. She had different groups of friends over the years, but the ones she made her junior and senior year in high school are still her friends now. Interesting because the guy she dated then wasn’t my favorite then, and now is persona non-grata in our entire family. Funny how things like that work out.

We loved our Indiana house. Like my parents, we moved in and started changing things (although in fairness, we’ve changed our Maryland house more in the past five years than we did our Indiana house in the entire 12 years, other than the one huge project (The backyard pool). It is always funny to me that we find the perfect house, we move in, then we start making it more perfect. If it wasn’t perfect, to begin with, why didn’t we keep looking?


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Wander project Snow (in Greenwood)…

I have a friend that lives in Colorado. They often take their family up to the Rainbow pass in the Rocky Mountains.  We (my family) went there once as well many years ago. At the time we went (early June) the snow was nearly 20 feet high. My friend went up to the pass recently; the snow was 20 feet now as well. Funny, seeing snow stacked that high is a different experience than seeing snow covering your driveway.

Snow, it is the most beautiful thing to watch, sitting by a fire relaxing.The snow is coming down from the sky. Making the ground around you clean and covered. You don’t like mud when the snow falls. You see pristine and new. Uniformity, and one cover. Until you see the driveway, then it quickly becomes painful, frustrating and agonizing. Each shovel full a reminder that you watched it fall and did nothing as it fell.

(live weather, cold and snow on the ground but the first day of spring is passed now)…

We are often bound and wound around the snow as it falls. I have to say I remembered snow a long time ago. I remember snow falling and covering everything. Snow is a memory and a moment. The snow is falling from the sky above. We had so very little snow this year. I guess we were following on the results of last summer and last winter. Our second winter of little to no snow made me realize I would rather be talking about snow, than shoveling it!


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Wander project Whiteland IN…

There are events and moments in the past that are always interesting. We were part of the expansion, physical and congregation wise of the church we went to. We had tried some churches while in Cincinnati Ohio but never really settled on the right one. We tried a few churches when we moved to Greenwood but didn’t settle until the event that changed everything happened. September 11, 2001, We started attending the church we would stick with for the next ten years the Sunday after 9/11,

During that time, the church physically doubled in size. The pictures shared today are of that construction project. For the kids, it was a great opportunity to be around as construction added to the church. My daughter had been old enough in Cincinnati and remembered what it was like, but the twins were younger and probably didn’t remember much of building a house.  Although I am not sure, they remember a lot of the church being built either. They were pretty young when both events occurred.

Sometimes when you look back, in the rearview mirror, what you see is different than what was. The things we remember about moments aren’t always the full moment, the entire event. If we have a video of that, then we can recall what the camera saw. Beyond the camera, of course, there is a world (the images shared today some 12 years before the rise of 360-degree cameras, and those 360 cameras still have blind spots). The question you have to ask yourself is what were my blind spots when I took that image?



Wander project Greenwood IN

Memories are like shoeboxes in that they have a purpose, but sometimes that purpose changes over time. When we started the family history project many years ago now (4 in fact) we scanned two shoeboxes full of pictures. Not shoes as the name of the box implies, but pictures. 100’s of pictures from a shoebox. Memories are like that. They change over time. In part because of the reality of what we are doing and what we’ve done nuances what we remember. In part because time is a great equalizer.

Sometimes rude dissipates over time Sometimes sad memories that are hard to take, hard to recall and lose steam over time. The change from sad and methanol to wistful and wishful. The images today are of children that are now adults, of a moment that happened many years ago. Of a family that was different and yet the same. We were then, the five musketeers. We even stayed in one hotel room when we traveled. All of us, in various states of sleep location (couches, rollaway and so on).

Memories are things you have to be careful with. They do not transfer from people unless they are talked about, typed or recorded. A month before my grandfather died, my wife and I recorded him telling the many stories that I remembered from my childhood. We missed that opportunity with my father, but we did manage to capture the thoughts of my wife’s mother. Those are memories that include the actual talking not just the memory of someone sharing.

Memories are the most fragile thing ever. They are also the most resilient thing ever. Share them; they won’t break. If you don’t share them, they will shatter.


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Wander project Greenwood IN

For the first 16 years of the twins lives, they shared a birthday with their grandfather. Literally. All three were born on the same day. The end of March in Indiana, for the most part, was spring break time as well. It meant scheduling parties for the twins was sometimes an ordeal. In part because the twins had few friends (by their choice, they are a small group of close friends people). That meant there were always one or two friends that had to be there.

Add spring break, vacations and things like that, and we often celebrated early or late. We always, as my parents and my wife’s parents had as well, always made an effort to make the day of their actual birth special. It holds so many memories for my wife and me that day in March. It falls after St. Patrick’s day, long enough after that day there isn’t leftover corned beef and the cabbage also long gone. Spring upon us, and past as well.

It is honestly harder for me now as far as memories than it was. Today is PI (when the blog was first published) 3.14. I find myself remembering the third person on that birthday a lot as we head towards that day. I see a lot of who he was in the twins. I see a lot of my wife, and my mom in the twins also. This, for the twins, is a big birthday the first time in 6 years that they will no longer be teenagers. They will move out of the teens this year. I still remember the day they were born as if it were yesterday. Now they are young adults in college. I have to stop for a moment and recall the time that passed.


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Wander project Indianapolis…

We have dear friends that live in New Jersey. They came out to visit us in Indiana back in 2010. We decided to show them the height of Indiana by wandering to the Circle City Mall and then a Robotics event. Circle City mall is a double entendre. First The Circle City is a nickname for Indianapolis. The reason for the Nickname is the Indianapolis 500 mile motor race and track. Which by the by, are actually in Speedway Indiana. But Indianapolis is called the Circle City.

The first few pictures are of us wandering the mall. It is a vertical, not horizontal Mall. I have been to malls all over the world; every country does them a little differently. In the US, there are a few stores that tell you what kind of mall it is. There are three types of malls in the US.

  1. High end or Luxury
  2. Browsing and shopping for food
  3. Discount

Circle City Mall fits into the first category. So you see stores like Tiffanies, and upscale restaurants and stores. The fun thing is regardless of the type of mall in the US; there is always a Cinnabon. You realize the mall has a Cinnabon when you walk in. There is nothing like the smell of Yeast, dough, and cinnamon. It wafts into the air and fills the place with warmth.

The rest of the pictures today are from the Robotics event. The twins were into Robotics for many years. It is a huge STEM (STEAM/CSTEAM) activity. In fact, the design and sharing of designs push the entire Robotics process well into CSTEAM (collaboration, science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math).

The day was fun, always good to hang out with friends!


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Wander project Australia!

I spent two weeks in Australia, or OZ as it is sometimes called. We were making a business trip, but based on timing and the need to be awake and aware during the business meetings, I arrived on a Friday and had a weekend to wander (I ended up traveling all over the country. I made it to three of the places I wanted to go out of 4. The only place I didn’t get to visit was Perth.). There are three things that I remember about that trip. The first is hanging out with a good friend whose philosophy in life is walking before you eat.

The second thing was that they ere filming one of the Superman Movie reboots in Sydney while we were there. Not that I saw anyone from Hollywood personally, although we did walk by the sets a couple of times, to see the cool old cars. I also did, the second weekend when everyone else was heading home or other locations, actually get to walk around a bit on my own. The picture of the Rolls Royce was, outside of a wedding near the hotel where I was in Sydney.

It was a Rolls Royce when you see one; you have to take the picture!

I also remember how hard it was to stay connected with my family when I was 12, 13 hours different than they were. I would call each night at 7 in the morning my time, which depending on the Asian time zone I was in was 6, 7 or 8 pm their time. I would then also call at 7 or 8 pm, whenever I got back to the hotel, it would be early morning back home. It at least was a level of connection. When traveling in Europe, I could only call once a day. End of the day my time was mid-afternoon their time, I often missed them as they had school and other activities. It is lonely to travel when it is just you.